With our custom-designed Kayzen Kinetic Architecture Systems, whether for private or for commercial purposes, we transform any kind of outdoor space into an enclosed, transparent one in a stylish and functional manner.
Kayzen Kinetic Architecture Systems consist of:
Our systems are 100% retractable. The colour options are unlimited for the aluminium load-bearing profiles and it is possible to use multi-wall or corrugated transparent materials with glass-like appearance. They are easily opened and closed manually, thanks to the special wheels and rails. Depending on the colour of the coating, it is also possible to prevent the visibility of the people swimming in the pool, if desired.
With water and wind insulation, earthquake resistance and UV protection, they have 100% protection from harmful effects of the summer sun and are heatable in the winter. They drive down the operating costs because they do not require maintenance for many years.
They can easily be used in private properties, cafeterias and restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, wedding halls, swimming pools, aqua parks or industrial areas.