About us


Since 1988, with its experience in various fields of construction and project implementation, Kayzen Enclosure Systems provides manufacturing, sales, project design and installation services for swimming pool enclosures, retractable roof systems, winter gardens and aluminum beam profiles which are able to cross wide openings.
As a concept, our company operates in the field of Kinetic Architecture Systems. As has been the case throughout the world recently, these systems have become very popular in our own country since they can be applied to enhance the movement ability of the structure, to enable it to perform a function which is impossible for a static structure, to facilitate its compatibility with the environmental conditions or only to improve its aesthetics. Kayzen Enclosure Systems is the first company to implement kinetic architecture in our country.
With unique designs and quality, we positioned ourselves among the leading companies of our country since the day we were established. As experts in providing manufacturing, project design and installation services, we have successfully overcome numerous industry-related activities and signed our projects `KAYZEN ENCLOSURE SYSTEMS` with pride. In 2005, for the first time in Turkey, we implemented the manually operable telescopic pool enclosure system with the largest aluminium load-bearing sections.
With its understanding of how to materialise perfection by utilising the highest technology, Kayzen Enclosure Systems is a company which has adopted the goal of being the perpetual leader of Kinetic Architecture, which has become dynamic by valuing its employees and their work and which realises all its projects in compliance with the standards of high quality assurance.
At Kayzen Enclosure Systems, we have been engaged in training activities in cooperation with the architecture faculties of our universities at regular intervals since 2005. Since the structures of the future will be determined by today`s student architects, we introduced to the future architects the advanced, ergonomic construction materials they can use in their designs, and contributed in their training with conferences and seminars in order for them to become closely acquainted with the newly developed construction materials and their technical properties.
The name `Kayzen` is derived from the Japanese philosophy `Kaizen` which literally means the sum of all technological innovations in order to simplify life. Based on the Kaizen philosophy, the mission of our experienced staff, which has been focused on precision, quality and customer satisfaction for 20 years, is to create high-standard, environmentally sensitive spaces in which you can spend pleasant time with loved ones in all four seasons by carrying the comforts of your home outdoors and to increase your quality of life.