Products- SunRoof System



This system is comprised of lean-to (mono-pitch) roof, gable roof and hipped roof forms. The working principle of this roof enclosure system is that the panels in the eaves lift up and place themselves under a fixed module. The most common application areas of these systems are swimming pools, shopping centres, balcony enclosures, wedding halls, hotels and restaurants.


Technical Features


• Special aluminium profiles are used in the production of the system and polycarbonate or glass materials are used as the covering material.

• Thanks to the special aluminium profiles, a separate carrier construction is no longer necessary, your living spaces acquire a more aesthetic look and the construction cost is reduced.

• The intervals of the perpendicular axes of the system can be made 105 cm, 125 cm, 160 cm, 210 cm or 300 cm.

• The roof panels can be retracted at the ratios of 100%, 80%, 75%, 66% or 50%, they can be opened and closed manually, powered and with a remote control.

• The system can be operated manually or powered.

• The system can be opened from the ridge downwards as well as from the bottom upwards, towards the ridge.