Products- Telescopic System

Teleskopik Sistem sabit ve hareketli modüler bir yapıdan oluşmaktadır. Kırımlı, Dairesel, Lean – to, Klasik ve Beşik çatı formundan oluşmaktadır ve bu formlar zemin üzerine uzun ayaklı veya döşemedeki boşluk üzerine kısa ayaklı olarak uygulanabilir.The Telescopic System consists of a fixed and a modular structure. It is composed of Hipped, Circular, Lean-to (mono-pitched), Classical and Gable roof forms and these forms can be fastened on the floor with long feet or in the gaps of the floor covering with short feet. Movable modules are retracted into the fixed module manually or with the help of an engine. These systems are widely used in the following areas: swimming pools, shopping centres, balcony enclosures, wedding halls, hotels and restaurants.



Technical Features

• The aluminium arches of the system used as carriers are made of specially alloyed high-strength aluminium.

• The distance between the carrier arches range between 105 cm, 125 cm, 160 cm and 210 cm, depending on the load to be carried by the system.

• Since the constituent segments of the telescopic pool enclosure are modular, there is no limit to the length of the project.

Our system consists of fixed and movable modules and these segments slide into each other telescopically.

• The plates that make up the vertical sides of the barrel-roof closure systems can be pushed up to 3 metres, so that they slide up under the other plate. This brings additional mobility to the working principle of our telescopic system.

• The system moves on specially manufactured stainless, anodized aluminium rails.

• In order to avoid the adverse effect of excessive wind, the system has been attached to the rails in a way that does not restrict movement.

• The aluminium materials used in the system can be painted in any RAL colour with electrostatic powder paint.