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Acilir Kapanir Ürünler Spider Sistemler

The Kayzen Spider System is the most recent solution found in architecture which enables crossing wide openings with low cross-sections. Its lightness, resistance to corrosion, aesthetic looks, ease of installation and delivery between 60 to 90 days made a significant contribution to the construction sector. The Kayzen Spider System is a portable system which creates large application areas especially in olympic-sized pools, aircraft hangars, fairgrounds, indoor sports facilities, military facilities and tennis courts.
The beam cross-sections to be used are determined by the result of static calculations.
The aluminium profiles used in the system are made of a specially alloyed metal and offered to our valued customers with unlimited colour options after mechanical treatments.
Polycarbonate, glass, sandwich panels, trapezoidal metal sheets, corrugated metal sheets or membranes are used as covering material. The aluminium trusses that carry the system are made of a special aluminium alloy and will never rust. With this system, it is possible to create a barrel roof up to 50 metres in width, made only of beams without having to use columns.
Polycarbonate roofs are assembled on aluminium constructions by applying special aluminium profiles and imported German Bayer polycarbonate sheets. Dormers can be applied in various forms and sizes. These basic forms known as barrel, drop vault, dome, lean-to (mono-pitch), hipped and pyramid-hip roof systems allow you to realise your dreams.
Acilir Kapanir Ürünler Spider Sistem EkipAcilir Kapanir Ürünler Spider Sistemler Avantajları
• 3 times lighter than steel
• Able to cross wide spaces
• Never rusts
• 20-year manufacturer warranty
• Provides ease of assembly
• Decorative
• Unlimited choice of colour 
• Modular system
• Economic
• Fast delivery

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